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Join Greg Smith as he reveals the critical knowledge and insights he’s developed through helping hundreds of Tradies just like you.

In this three-part mini-workshop you’ll learn;

  • How to OPTIMISE the most important aspects of your Tradie business (so you can get your time back, and grow your business at the same time!)
  • How to work out how much you should be charging and how many hours you need to be working to have a profitable business anyway!
  • The 5 Critical Numbers to Focus on to Scale Your Business the Right Way
  • Why Customer Service and Follow Up is such an important thing to get right (and how you could be leaving a lot of $$$ on the table)
  • How Outsourcing Your Admin can be set up to be cost-neutral and end up making you a lot more money in your business…
  • … and more!

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Meet Greg:


My name is Greg Smith… and I have walked in your shoes and I know how hard it is to run a tradies business by day and then try to do all the administration, project management, job and work flow handling, quoting and money management by night!

Rarely did I ever finish up before 11:00pm EVERY NIGHT and it really took its toll on my health, my family Life, my marriage and my friendships. That’s not what I had planned to happen when I started my trades business.

So, I get it. And this is EXACTLY WHY my wife Cath and I started up Admins the Answer. We figured out a better way to do our trade’s business and that was by outsourcing the administration side of things.

And we want to help you see that it is possible to work hard in your business, make a good income from it, and still have your evenings and weekends free to do whatever you want to do!



Being part of a large group having their admin all sorted by Admins The Answer, I am provided figures to show where some of my business numbers compare to others that they manage. Some months ago I looked closely at one report that showed how much money other clients of Admins The Answer were recouping monthly, in addition to their hourly wage, to pay for admin. I was surprised at how far behind I was in comparison. I spoke to my Admin Assistant and also to Greg. We changed the way I was quoting and now I am recouping hundreds of dollars more every month. Now I’m working on being the No 1 on the same report. If it wasn’t for these  free reports,  I simply would not have made the change and so I say "Thank You".


Hire A Hubby, Strathpine Queensland

Admin is definitely the answer! After having a conversation with Greg and being told that we can make money by hiring him sounded too good to be true- Like how can we make money when someone else is on the tools? Now having Greg and his team helping us every step of the way has made our lives easier and even STRESS FREE! No job is too big or too small for the team at Admin’s The Answer and they always get results. They are worth their weight in gold and we would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to run a more efficient business!!!

Jack & Siobhan

Tile Rescue Newcastle

I've been using Admin's the Answer for 8 months now, and it's been a great experience so far! Their team helps me to free up time that is better spent on the road, rather than in the office. Highly recommended.

Alan Hempenstall

Hire A Hubby, Narellan Vale

I got caught up in the latest Brisbane COVID outbreak and had to drop everything and race to get a COVID test, I ended up having to isolate for 10 days. Thankfully I had Admins The Answer to help. While I was in line waiting for my test, Jess from Admins The Answer was calling all my customers and rescheduling the work. Jess was a huge help and really relieved the pressure during a stressful situation.

Jeff Kesby

Hire A Hubby franchise

I have been using Admins the Answer for a while now, has been an absolute pleasure having Greg and Cath help me with my business. I have now bought back my own free time and I do normal days work, knock off and there is no other admin stuff that has to get done. They are truly a great Business to have help you with your business and I cannot speak more highly of admins the answer.

Jack Blair-Swannell

Brisbane City Landscapes

The Admins The Answer team really care about helping their clients run their businesses more efficiently. They are very experienced themselves having previously been involved in managing large manufacturing processes and also very successful high volume service businesses. Using this knowledge and experience they are able to custom fit the admin services to suit each clients individual needs. It has given me peace of mind to know the Admins The Answer team are overseeing this important function in my business therefore freeing my time to focus on the income generating sales and production tasks.

Neil Gibbins

Hire A Hubby, Gladesville

I’ve have my Admin looked after by Admins the Answer for some time now. Having them look after those Admin tasks that I either don’t have time for or not sure the best way to manage them, has been nothing short of unreal. They are always there to help and often solve problems for me that I have spent far too long on myself. It has saved me time overall in my week and I thank them for it. If you want to save time in your Trade Business, best you get in contact with them.

Paul Collins

Hire A Hubby Canning Vale WA