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G’day guys, welcome back to Admins the Answer for another trade business related blog post. This week’s topic is all about technology and how it can improve your business productivity.

It’s 2020, and the digital world is rapidly changing and improving every minute. The days of paper diaries, sticky notes and boxes of paperwork are behind us. Tradies are notorious for steering clear of technology they haven’t used before, but this needs to change. Experts tell us that tradies must embrace technology in order to stay relevant and competitive with over 50% of business coming from online searches and social media.

Technology gives us endless possibilities in how we can improve our businesses with computer systems that can help with payroll, data analytics, invoices, quotes and so much more. Research has shown that tradies who have utilised technology into their business have found their costs have reduced and their productivity has improved.

My advice for the most important technology tools to adopt into your business, are a computer-based job management system, a digital calendar and the trusty smart phone. These tools will improve your business’s productivity, efficiency and will save you a whole lot of valuable time.

At Admins the Answer, we use the best computer-based project management systems to track our client’s jobs, invoices, quotes and more. This means we can get your work done faster and keep on top of everything much more effectively. Having digital calendars allows us to access your schedule and book in jobs for you without hassling you on the phone.

We live in a digital age where our devices are portable and can be used almost anywhere. They can also “talk” to each other, sending over documents or invoices from computers to phones to tablets. A recent survey showed that 96% of construction business owners said that introducing automation technology and computer-based management systems into their businesses, made their lives easier and freed up their time.

At Admins the Answer we are all over the technology for your business, so that you don’t have to be. Trust that your business is in good hands and give us a call today.

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