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Hi guys, thanks for visiting the Admins the Answer blog! My name’s Greg Smith and this week I wanted to share how we as a business are changing the “norm” of the trade industry and negative work/life balance.

I started Admins the Answer to change the mindset of trade business owners and give them their time back. As a tradie myself, I know what it’s like to miss family events, your kids football games, or even just getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I got to a point where the pressure, stress and overwhelming to-do list absolutely crushed me, and I found myself thinking, “There has to be another way!”.

Thankfully, I created one with Admins the Answer. On the surface, this business aims to help tradies with their admin work such as chasing quotes, answering phone calls and creating invoices. On a deeper level, I wanted to allow small trade business owners, such as myself, to be able to have a healthy work-life balance.

Whenever I speak to clients that have been with Admins the Answer for a long period, I love to ask, “How has my business changed your life?”. The most common answers are stress relief, more family time and peace of mind that their paperwork is being looked after. Our clients know that if they’re finishing up a job at 3pm, the invoice for that job will be in their customers inbox by the time they’re done.

We take all of your customer phone calls for you, because we know how difficult it is to finish up a job when your phone is ringing off the hook and distracting you all day. We chase invoices for you, so you don’t have to work weekends or overtime. We are available over holiday periods, so you get to spend some time with your family and not catching up on paperwork.

We want to revolutionise the trade industry and make it a healthy, happy place. At the moment the trade industry is notorious for negative mental health, with many Australian men suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia and depression. These are brought on by various factors, mostly long, demanding work hours, project deadline pressures and lack of job security.

This should not and does not have to be the “norm”.  We can change the industry for the better. Take it from a fellow tradie, do yourself a favour and improve your life and business today.

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