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After running his own trade business for several years, Greg Smith soon realised the need for admin tasks was an ever- consuming component of the business that was difficult to stay on top of. After working long hours on building sites every day, the last thing he wanted to do after dinner every night, was write up quotes, chase invoices and update paperwork.

Unfortunately, upkeeping the admin side of the business was integral to its success. You can be the best tradie in town, but if you have poor admin, your business will suffer. Greg realised this was a huge problem for many tradies, with no real solution known to them.

Many organisations have been created over the years to support mental health in Australian tradesmen. Jeremy Forbes founded Hope Assistance Local Tradies as he noticed many tradesmen were suffering from depression by overworking and losing touch with their families due to the financial pressures of working, invoicing, preparing quotes and chasing money.

Greg Smith created Admins the Answer to address this issue and allow tradesmen to run a successful business whilst also having freedom away from their business. He aimed to give tradies a work-life-balance, and take away the stresses of admin work, allowing them to focus on their trade and customers.

The mission for this brand is to foster, long-term, authentic relationships built on trust, integrity, clear communication and strong work ethic, to deliver a real impact that changes lives both personally and in business.

Admins the Answer provides different packages based on your business needs and is a customisable service, as we recognise that every business has different, unique needs. From chasing payments, scheduling works or following up quotes, Admins the Answer is here to help with all your business needs.

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